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The future is here at HiMom with 3D – 4D HD Live Ultrasound

Hi Mom 4D Studio is a prenatal baby ultrasound facility specializing in 3D – 4D baby sonogram photos and video. Our 4D ultrasound imaging center goes beyond traditional 2D and 3D sonograms by providing a vivid and lively viewing experience between expecting parents, family, friends and soon to be born baby child.

With our advanced 4D HD Live Ultrasound scanners, Hi Mom 4D Studio presents your unborn baby child in abounding 3D close-up and 4D real time movement.

During your session, you can have the opportunity to see your baby actually smile, suck their thumb, kick, roll around and maybe even yawn when the time is just right. Frequently, after the initial session parents will schedule a series of sessions within the 15 week to 40 week period of pregnancy to see their baby develop and grow.

Tiny fingers, tiny toes and the cutest little button nose. Come and enjoy seeing all this in the new HD Live Ultrasound at Hi Mom. 

You will never know how much love your heart can hold until you see your baby in an HD Live Ultrasound.

The staff at Hi Mom 4D Studio are highly dedicated experienced professionals that have successfully conducted hundreds of ultrasound sessions for happy expecting parents wanting to see their baby for the first time.

Their expertise in 3D – 4D baby sonogram photography and video has trained them to produce the best sessions.

A variety of 3D – 4D HD Live baby ultrasound sonogram session packages are available to pick and choose from, like the Photo Package or Baby Close to You.

Capturing and sharing these spectacular moments that you will always
treasure with your family and friends.

CD, DVD and photographs are a true keepsake method.

Hi Mom 4D Studio can also do more by creating a custom web page for your baby.

Hi Mom 4D Studio offers military and WIC discounts for parents to be.

Feel free to call with any immediate questions that you may have regarding 3D – 4D HD Live baby ultrasound or visit our FAQ page.

Fall in love again by seeing your beautiful baby in 3D – 4D HD Live Ultrasound at Hi Mom.

Our Top of the Line 3D – 4D Ultrasound Premium System will amaze you when you see your baby!

We are proud to be the first 4D provider in San Diego to work with the new technology of 3D – 4D Ultrasounds.

An 3D – 4D Ultrasound session will give you better quality images and video recordings of your baby in motion.

The new 3D – 4D Ultrasound system allows clearer images of your baby. Compared to other ultrasound images, the picture and video you will see during an 3D – 4D Ultrasound session are in high definition and have better colors.

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    Ph (619) 425-8161
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