Our Top of the Line 3D - 4D Ultrasound Premium System will amaze you when you see your baby!

We are proud to be the first 4D provider in San Diego to work with the new technology of 3D - 4D Ultrasound. An 3D - 4D Ultrasound session will give you better quality images and video recordings of your baby in motion.

Benefits of the 3D - 4D Ultrasound scan

The new 3D - 4D Ultrasound system allows clearer images of your baby. Compared to other ultrasound images, the picture and video you will see during an 3D - 4D Ultrasound session are in high definition and have better colors. 2D ultrasound - very hard to see what your baby will look like. 3D - 4D - you get a much clearer image of your baby. 3D - 4D Ultrasound - you will see a vivid, clear and high quality image of your baby.

The realistic look of the 3D - 4D Ultrasound image is unbeatable plus you will enjoy your session in our cozy theatre on a large screen.

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